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Software Development

With the increasing pressures to streamline operations, to acquire and instantly share information all while cutting costs, companies are searching for a reliable partner to assist them in design and implementation of technical solutions. GM Consulting is focused on helping our clients with these and other technical challenges. 


We support customers across a large number of business disciplines from Insurance, Logistics, Healthcare and Education.  

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Desktop client server applications

  • Web applications, web services and SaaS solutions

  • Enterprise architecture design and development

  • Application migration from legacy technologies

  • Enterprise integration and reporting

  • Database design  

We have expertise across a large number of technologies including the latest .NET, Java, JavaScript frameworks, PHP, Python, SQL Server, Oracle and many more. 

Developing quality software requires mature processes and practices. Through experience working with our clients we have produced a solid approach for managing, developing, and delivering solutions.

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